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Jack is spoiled

20 June 2011 (Written By Dianne Boy)

HI Maria

Just to give you an update on Jack’s progress.

He has settled in and is enjoying playing with Elvis our other JR and Dakota our female husky.

Elvis has taught him to play tug of war with the rope toy.

He doesn’t seem to be used to or too fond of grass as we have had a couple of ooops in

the house but he will learn he is VERY bright !

He sleeps and snuggles under to duvet at night with Elvis.

He also is a bit wary of the cats and has chased them so he will quickly learn from the others

I’m sure that they are also part of the pack and family.

So onto our weekend in Clarens – I think all the attention, love and stimulation was overwhelming

for him and I think his pads took a bit of strain on the terrain in the mountains.

He was freaked out by his fist sighting and hearing of Wildebeest and at some stages had to be

carried in a back pack !! But he loved it and we love him he is the sweetest boy.

Attached is a pick taken in the mountains of all the kids !

Many thanks

Dianne and Linda