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Sandile is home!!!!!

02 June 2009 (Written By Bronwen)

Dear Old Mom,

Sorry it has taken me so long to write, I know you said I must let you know how

things are going BUT old mom it has been so crazy busy here with so many new

things to do, manners to learn and of course friends to make, heck even different

food to eat.

The night I left was very scary and wow we drove for what felt like forever, I

have since learnt me and my family live very near to Cresta – but that night I

was very frightened and unsure but my new mom sat in the back with me and talked

quietly all the way home, whilst my new dad drove.

When we got home my new mom seemed very nervous that there would be a fight

between me and their other kids so dad was the one that took me inside and

introduced me to the 3 other children.

Boy old mom are they spoilt – nobody treats them bad and they are constantly

loved and the best thing is they are allowed to make mistakes without getting


Let me tell you about my siblings – the Alpha pack leader is a black male

Staffie who loves to lick my ears and face.

My sister, Ishinga a Tan and black female Staffie – wow was she unfit when I got

here – she loves to play nearly as much as I do but in the beginning we had to

stop for lots of breaks so she could get her breath back – luckily she is

getting fitter by the day and now plays with me almost all day, from the moment

we open our eyes till bedtime.

These are the two that share a sleeping blanket with me in the passage every

night – I have discovered that I actually love to cuddle up with other dogs.

The last sibling – well I am not to sure what to say other than spoilt spoilt

spoilt – she is much smaller than us she is apparently a black and white Jack

Russell and Wirehaired Terrior Cross. She has so much attitude for such a small

dog and thinks she is the most important in the house her name is People – very

fitting because she truly beliefs she is a person.

You will have probably guest buy now she is not my favourite - luckily she does

not sleep with us but rather with new mom and dad’s son, Rhys.

Old mom you will not believe how much has happened to me since I have been here

I now have a very pretty pink collar – apparently this is my first step to

walking on a lead – not to sure about this but will wait and see.

You wont believe it but we all have to have table manners at breakfast and

dinner time – we all have to sit in our spot in the kitchen whilst everybodys

food bowls are put down and then we have to wait to be given the go ahead to eat

then we must sitagain when we are finished and wait for everbody else to finish - we

cannot just run outside we have to sit down next to our bowls and wait for our bowl

to be picked up and then only when my new mom or dad has told us we are good

dogs and that we may go are we allowed to leave the table or in this case the kitchen.

Oh yes I have not told you yet there is a little doggie hatch cut into all the

security gates to allow us to get in and out except the kitchen security gate –

we are not allowed past this point without permission – old mom you would be so

proud of me I learnt this so very quickly.

Everybody has be so kind to me – did you know not only do I have a new mom and

dad and human brother Rhys but I also have grand parents. I have meet my grand

parents from my new mom’s side but not my new dad’s side yet – apparently they

live in PE.

Shoo why didn’t you tell me how cool grand parents are – they fussy over you and

love you all the time – I like it when they come visit.

By the way I have learnt that I do not particularly like popcorn or Liver –

strange hey old mom I always thought I would eat whatever I was feed – we don’t

get tit bits and treats very often as new mom and dad do not believe they are

good for us and think that we will get fat and this will affect our health.

Talking about getting to fat – old mom you should see my little pot belly now it

is so round and new mom says from behind I waddle – but it sure is nice to have

two regular meal times a day – I never have to worry about being to hungry.

The only thing that I’m not to excited about at meal times is vitamin time at

breakfast apparently they are good for me – don’t see why I should need them now

I have happily managed fine without them before.

When I first got here we did not get vitamins but the day after new mom first

brushed me the vitamins started – I have heard new mom and dad talking about the

poor condition of my skin and how it was probably as a result of a very poor

diet when I was younger – just because my skin literally came off with the brush

and it was a soft one.

But don’t worry old mom I put up a good fight – they tried to cover the vitamin

in everything I like but I ate around it and spat it out – now I get it put down

my mouth.

Another thing we have 3 Rotties as neighbours and boy did I join in the game

quickly – both us and them put our noses up against the panels at the bottom of

the wall where the rain water normally comes out of and then we bark and growl

at each other as loud, long and often as we can – wow this makes new dad shout

at but gee is it fun – and isn’t it great old mom apparently I am the best at it

– the holes have now been closed.

Talking about barking I hardly ever bark when strangers come into the house I

just watch them carefully for awhile and if everybody seems to like them then I

go check them out – this is how I meet my granny.

I nearly forgot to tell you I have a domestic and she is just the best – she

shares a piece of bread between us every morning – bread and margarine is

fantastic – but you know what old mom this is how they get all my brothers and

sisters to take the tablets without even knowing but I spotted it the very first

time and now they cant fool me – shoo they really can be dumb dogs – I

definitely am the cleverest.

I have figured out that keeping in Trina our domestic good books is a good idea

as she is the one that does most of the cooking and if there is any chance of

getting a tit bit or two it is from her but she doesn’t do it often because she

is not allowed to.

I also have two gardeners and I really like them – they are so kind and gentle

with me and I like them both – I think I might be the shortest ones favourite.

My new dad works from home and is therefore often home so he gives me lots and

lots of loves and attention all day – he is my best I love him lots – I do try

and make it easier for him when he loves and scratches me as soon as he puts his

hand down I wiggly and worm around it to make sure all areas get scratched.

Did you know old mom I did not know how nice it is to have your tummy tickled

and scratched – whenever I am sleeping on my back either my human brother Rhys

or someone else scratches my tummy for me – it is just the best.

Another thing I have learnt is that wagging your tail and looking really cute

gets you a long way in this house – so I have been practising a lot and have

become very very good at it even new mom and dad say so.

Anyway old mom as you can see there has been so much happening I have hardly had

any spare time to write please be assured that not writing means I have been

having so much fun I haven’t had any spare time.

Old mom I absolutely love it here and love staying here, thank you so so much for

letting me come.

Oh yes I nearly forgot to tell you I have a new name now “Sindile” it means

survivor or I survived.

Old mom I know you told me when we first meet that life could be so much better

and if you remember I did not believe you - well old mom I do now I am at the best

place ever I am now home.

Love you always.

Sindile (nee Suzi)