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My darling Dusty

13 Jan 2008 (Written By Suki Thomas)

To anyone thinking about adopting Cassey, please do so without hesitation. I adopted Dusty (her brother) and he has turned out to be a real little honey, and he has fitted in perfectly. He and my Spaniel Jessie had a few ups and downs, but have sorted their problems now and both are like 2 little children bounding around. He sleeps with my 12 year old son in his bed, and is my sons protection 24 hours a day. Dusty has brought us such happiness and is no problem at all. He eats well, we didn't have change any diets nor feeding habits for him to fit in with my other dogs. He is very protective over our family and will do anything to please us. If you are considering adopting Cassey please do so without hesitation. You can contact me if you have any doubts about adopting an abused animal from Maria at animal ambulance. sukizulu@yahoo.co.in

just look at happy little Dusty