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My alarm clock doggie

8 November 2007 (Written By Claudia Mylie)

Hi Maria

Sorry to bug, but I just have to share with you. We are having such a ball with Ace he is so gorgeous and is so clever. He has been playing musical beds since he arrived, one night he sleeps with Micayla then with Ricardo then with us then with Trevor and so we go on. The kids fight over him and he loves it! We use him to wake up the kids in the morning, he licks them all awake (much better than fighting with them to wake up, just send Ace in)

He has brought such a joy into our house in such a short time, he loves Roxy and they play so nicely together.

Maria thank-you so much for all the work you do for these doggies, I look at Ace and I cannot phathom who is capable of hurting such a gorgeous animal. Thanks so much for all you do for them!

I wont bug you anymore but I need you to know that Ace is so loved and is such a pleasure, and we all love him so much.