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Lilo and Stitch

23 September2007 (Written By Val Sham)

As you can see from the photos I hava attached, Stitch and Lilo are doing so well. The wound on Stitch's side is almost healed and his hair is growing so nicely. He loves the camera and is curious at the click and the flash, but Lilo is weary of the camera, or she is camera shy. I'm not sure which one. They have made themselves so at home and I think they may have forgotten all about their days of cruelty and abuse. Lilo loves to sit on my lap and my mom's. Even when I go to the loo, she's there and jumps onto my lap and curls up. I have been giving Stitch physio every day, and his leg is hanging lower. He tends to let it touch the ground a couple of times while he's standing or running, so to me that is good news. I believe that in time he will be using that little leg in its full capacity. It's going to just take a lot of time and patience and of course prayer. Right now they are two happy little children that has brought so much joy into our lives. When my eldest son comes to visit, he greets Stitch and Lilo before anyone else and gives them lots of hugs and pats. They always so happy to see him. My other two sons spend quite a lot of time walking around with them and holding them in their arms. Lilo has become particularly protective of me. Well, in short, everyone gives them a lot of love and TLC!

I'll be in touch again soon. Stitch and Lilo sends lots of licks, wags and love to you all!

Love from me too!