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Spirt the dog that lives up to his name

19/07/2007 (Written By Robert)

As many people remember I responded to an article and a large photograph of Spirit in the Pretoria News dated Tuesday, December 14, 2004. The photograph was a shocking and appalling image of a severly sick and neglected dog. One wondered how such unspeakable cruelty could be practised by people who call themselves human beings.

Due to the wonderful work and persistance by Animal Ambulance Spirit was nursed back to health and was adopted by my wife, Susan and I. Spirit has since become a healthy, well adjusted dog with an endearing personality inspite of his tomented past. His coat has thick fur in contrast to the completely hairless dog we adopted. His sores have healed. He is an active and energetic dog.

We have since adopted a puppy called Cayla who is now Spirit's best friend. They do everything together. Both dogs receive much love from us and our family and friends who visit and are familiar with their background.

We are grateful for the God given opportunity to have stewardship over two of God's most precious creatures and for the priviledge of loving and spoiling them.